Bergamot essential oil: 7 uses for health and beauty

29 March 2017
Bergamot essential oil: 7 uses for health and beauty

By cold pressing the peel of a fruit is obtained avaluable essential oil prized, commonly used in the perfume and sweets industries and used for centuries in traditional Italian medicine, especially for treating disorders of the gastro-intestinal tract.
We are talkin about the bergamot essential oil (Citrus bergamia), a citrus fruit grown in Calabria and Sicily, which is characterized by small dimensions (maximum height of three meters), and the round and leaning foliage, shiny and slightly blistered leaves, tiny and very fragrant white flowers and irregularly spherical fruits (smaller than oranges), a smooth and thin skin, having a bright yellow color.

Given his acrid and bitter taste, the fruit does not lend directly to food consumption and is used to flavor cakes, juices and liqueurs (eg Bergamino), or is consumed in canned in syrup or in alcohol or in candied form. Many will remember it also as the main ingredient of the Early Grey tea.

What interests us most, however, is the essence derived from the skins, which contains important substances such as limonene (antiseptic and toning) and the linalyl acetate, with antiviral properties. The essential oil looks like a greenish-yellow liquid having a fresh, light and fruity fragrance, with antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, healing, sedative, digestive, sebum-regulating etc. properties.

In aromatherapy the bergamot is appreciated as an antidepressant, as it relaxes, improves mood and infuses optimism, serenity and well-being, helping to fight the states of anxiety, fear, stress and nervousness, as well as to facilitate sleep. To take advantage of these benefits, purify the air and perfume rooms, pour ten drops of essential oil in a diffuser or in radiators’ humidifiers or, alternatively, make a mixture with 50 ml of sweet almond oil and six drops of essential oil, to massage gently on the forehead, temples and neck at least twice a day or before going to bed, also to facilitate sleep.