Beneficial properties of bergamot

10 September 2016
Beneficial properties of bergamot

The fruit is definitely a food with enormous beneficial properties. In fact, many are the fruits that we can introduce into our diet and for example ranging from banana and currants, up to the blueberry and kiwi. However there are also very good fruits, which are often kept in poor consideration, such as bergamot that we can use as our food, to produce cosmetics or to treat certain problems that plague us. In this guide we will see in fact the beneficial properties of the bergamot.

First, eating bergamot, we help our hearts to stay healthy, keep under control high cholesterol and we prevent the onset of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, stroke and heart attack. In case of small wounds, we can apply on the epidermis a little bit of bergamot juice, as the bergamot has a real healing action. It turns out to be very useful to combat fungal nail and also the candida. If, for example, we have a mycosis on the toenails, we can rub bergamot on the nails every night before going to bed, in order to help them heal faster. The essence of this fruit also contains a very large number of antioxidants, substances that fight free radicals and slow down aging.

The essential oil of this fruit ,can also be used as a disinfectant and as an antiviral, also if we massage our skin with a little of this oil, it will make it more beautiful and shiny. The aroma of bergamot is also usable for the treatment of anxiety states and, according to the aromatherapy, it is a valuable antidepressant. Performing fumigations with a few drops of essential oil of bergamot, we can ensure the well-being of the respiratory tract, if we have a cold or if we have a very strong cough. The tea with bergamot it is also very good, a drink that can hydrate us and that can give well-being to the whole organism.

If we are used to prepare cosmetics at home, nothing is better as an ingredient than the bergamot oil. When we have a bath, we can add in the bath tub, together with a homemade bubble bath, a few drops of essential oil of bergamot, leaving a pleasant scent all over our skin. Finally, if we love the fragrance of this citrus fruit, we can buy on the market a diffuser of essential oils, which we will use to spread the aroma of bergamot in one or more rooms of our house.